How to Convert RAW Files With Adobe Camera Raw

Convert  RAW Files With Adobe Camera Raw
When you use the RAW format in your camera - all digital SLR and many compact cameras have it, your image is recorded to the memory card with much more tonal and color information than can be saved with a JPEG file. This additional data offers you considerable control over how you adjust your photo in Photoshop Elements.

You can make more extreme adjustments and improved color corrections because the program has more data to work with. Because RAW files are proprietary to each camera manufacturer, there are differences in these files among manufacturers and even specific camera models.

When working  in Camera Raw, the adjustment controls  have different  names, such as Blacks, but  you can follow the same tonal and  color adjustment order from the rest of this chapter.

In order to use the Adobe Camera Raw software that comes with Photoshop Elements with your camera’s RAW files (or any other RAW image file converter), you must have the latest version that recognizes your camera’s files or it will not work.

You can open RAW files from Organizer into Editor, or you can open them by using the Open dialog box in Editor. Regardless, you get a new Camera Raw interface to work with that sits over your Photoshop Elements Editor interface.
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