Digital Photography - Tips for Better Photographs

Digital Photography - Tips for Better Photographs
As digital cameras become more popular and allow people to take more photographs than ever before, we are constantly looking for a few simple tricks to make our photographs a little more interesting and to differentiate them from the hundreds of other similar photos out there. Whether you are taking them to sell, or just taking holiday snaps or pictures of family there are a few techniques we can all use to make our photographs a little less mundane and a little more wall worthy.

Changing the level can often help you create a more interesting photograph. If the subject is low to the ground then you can try getting low and taking the picture from their level. Particularly if you are shooting animals then this can be a great way to change it up and make those photographs or your family pet a little more interesting. If you're subject is a little taller then try making the photograph more interesting by standing on a chair or ladder to get a little higher. This can make a photograph of a group of people a little more interesting.

The background also has a lot to do with what you see in a photo. Try and photograph something against a plain background instead of a complicated one. You can also try and get close to the subject so the focus softens the background. This technique draws more attention to the subject of the photograph and takes it away from the background - a great technique if your subject is interesting but is being over-powered by a loud or complex background.

You can also try moving the subject away from the center of the photograph. This makes the eye move away from the center of the photograph as well and makes it a more interesting photograph. If you move the subject about a third of the way left, right, up or down then you can sometimes create a stunning visual with the use of only an average subject. This is a technique called the rule of thirds and you can read more about it all over the web.

If you're looking for a few more tips you can check out our Guide to Digital Photography which has some extra tips on taking great shots as well as some ideas about where and what you can shoot to create some of your original artwork to spice up your living space.
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