Photography Tips #2

Once  you have  your digital camera, get a good-sized memory card (prices  are very reasonable now).  Taking photos costs  nothing, so get out and  shoot as much  as you can. This is the  best  way to become a better photographer. Try different  exposure settings and compositions, compare them in the LCD, and  shoot plenty  of photos so that  you have  a choice  among them.

You can use  any camera to quickly adjust  exposure without using any dials. Point your camera at something dark, lock exposure (usually  by pressing the  shutter halfway),  and  then  move  the  camera back to the composition in order  to add  exposure. Do the  same with something bright to darken exposure. You do need to be careful of distances here  because locking exposure on many  cameras also locks focus. The “something,” bright or dark, can be at a different  distance from the  camera than the  subject, which  would  cause sharpness problems.
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