How to Shoot Effectively in Bright Sun

How to Shoot Effectively  in Bright Sun
Direct light from the sun ranges from perfect to awful as it illuminates your subject for a photograph. A big challenge in working with bright sun as the main light is that it is a bold and strong light. That makes it unforgiving if used poorly with many subjects. Direct sunlight creates strong contrast with very bright highlights and dark shadows.

A key to understanding the light from bright sun is to understand how important the shadows are. Shadows in the right places make your scene dramatic and powerful. Shadows in the wrong places make an attractive subject ugly and make your viewer struggle with even the best of compositions.

Another key aspect of bright sun is that the light has a very strong direction. That means that even a slight change in camera position often gives you a new light because it strikes the subject from a different angle in relation to the camera position. That change can be enough to make poor light become good light on a particular subject.

Backlight, or light from behind the subject, can be a very effective and  dramatic light, though you may have to experiment with it a bit in order to master it.
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